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Description:Bootz Steel bath Left drain
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The industry's most popular selling bath. Modern functional recess design. One piece construction of heavy gauge seemless stell with acid resistant porcelain enamel finish. Porcelain on Steel---- Stamped out of a solid piece of steel it is finished with a layer of porcelain. The finish is very durable and is highly resistant to most chemicals and abrasion.
60" x 30" x 14-1/4"

Bootz Manufacturing Company (herein referred to as “Bootz) warrants that any “SYNIRON TUBS” supplied by Bootz (herein referred to as “product” or “products”), whether according to Bootz specifications or according to specifications agreed upon by Bootz and purchaser (herein referred to as “you” and “your”), shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product, except that the warranty applies to a product’s slip-resisting surface only for the first year after the product’s initial installation.

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER OR APPLY TO: (i) damage to any products based on or resulting from improper installation or repair, misuse or abuse (including but not limited to excessive operating conditions, improper cleaning solvents / chemicals or improper cleaning methods), or alteration or adjustment other than conformity with our specifications or instructions, whether performed by a contractor, service company or yourself; (ii) damages resulting from failure to reasonably clean, care for or maintain a product in accordance with our instructions / recommendations; (iii) any products we sell that have been moved or removed from their original installation site; (iv) breakage not due to defect; (v) failure on account of installation in a building of faulty design or construction; or (vi) local building code compliance (you should assure compliance before installation).

*Your Exclusive Remedies and Responsibilities*

If you believe you have purchased defective products from Bootz as described above, notify Bootz by telephone, letter, or facsimile, fully informing Bootz of why you believe the products are defective. Bootz will then request you to return the defective products (or a sample) to Bootz; have a Bootz representative inspect the products at the job site, as installed, or at Bootz’s address; and/or rely-upon the information you have provided to determine whether the products are defective. If any products are proven to be defective, then Bootz will, at Bootz’s option, repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of the defective products. Any transportation costs associated with the repair or replacement of defective products shall be your responsibility, and in no event shall you be entitled to damages exceeding the purchase price you originally paid for the products.

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Bootz shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages under the EXPRESS LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, including but not limited to, any costs expenses incurred concerning any labor, or transportation, or other expense incurred by reason of the use of sale of any defective material. This exclusion applies to original and replacement products.


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