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The receptor shall be furnished with slip-resistant design that does not interfere with the flow of water nor trap it. Receptor to have integral molded drain (Note: 3634-1 not available with integral drain or as a Corner Model). Receptor to have not less than 1" flange on remaining sides. Receptor to be stain, and fungus resistant. Color to be be off-white (unless other specified) and will be resistant to fading and abrasion. Model shall conform to ANSI-Z-124.2.
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Florestone molded shower receptors, terrazzo shower receptors, molded mop receptors, utility sinks, terrazzo mop receptors, fiberglass bathing units, and bath/shower combinations are guaranteed to the purchaser-for-use to be free from defective workmanship and material for three (3) years from the date of purchase, when the unit is installed according to the installation instructions and local codes and ordinances.

Any unit reported to Florestone, and found to be defective in workmanship and material upon inspection by an authorized Florestone representative will be repaired or exchanged at Florestone's option without charge.

This warranty is non-transferable and shall be voided if the unit is removed from its place of initial installation. This warranty does not cover shipping damage. Such damage is the responsibility of the carrier. The purchaser must open the box and inspect the unit for damage when it is delivered and, if damage is discovered, should file a freight claim directly with the carrier.