5/8" Plywood Full Access Construction

Main Features

  • Made In the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Full Access Design
  • Quick Ship (3~4 Weeks)
    (can go up to 8-9 weeks during the current situation)
  • 108 Contemporary Styles
  • All Plywood Construction
  • Dovetail Soft-closing Drawers
  • Soft Closing Doors

Full-Access Construction

Eleven Steps of Finishing Process

  1. Wood Selection – The selection of the finest woods including oak, maple, cherry, and hickory is the essential first step of Liberty’s finishing process.
  2. Sanded to Perfection – Our sanding utilizes an ultra fine grit paper, both with and against the wood grain. This process is completed on a vacuum table,
    allowing for a wood surface that is free of all dust particles.
  3. Stain Application – An environmentally safe stain is evenly applied to all surfaces. This deep penetrating stain is applied for even coverage on all profiles.
  4. Removal of Excess Stain – The wood is brushed to remove excess stain, emphasizing the cabinet’s natural wood grain (where applicable).
  5. Sanding Sealer – A coat of tough, non-yellowing, sealer is applied to protect the grain from moisture.
  6. Drying Process – For added durability, the sealed wood is cured to lock in the beauty of wood.
  7. Hand-Sanded – To achieve an ultra-smooth finish, the wood is hand-sanded one last time.
  8. Dust Removal – The resulting dust is removed with both manual and automatic processes, which remove loose particles from the surface of the wood.
  9. Top Coat – A second application of a premium quality top coat is applied to protect the wood from yellowing and other environmental elements.
  10. UV/Oven Cure – The top coat is UV/oven cured to guarantee the strongest, most beautiful finish.
  11. Final Inspection – This last, thorough, inspection ensures lasting quality and beauty. Our gift to you is that every cabinet is crafted with care

108 Styles in Three Different Pricing Groups to Suit your Needs & Budget

Pricing Group 1

Bryant(Thin Rail)

Pricing Group 2

Leeton 5PC
Specialty Laminate

Pricing Group 3


Selena Maple Cloud